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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Question For September

I want to make some scrap kits but I need to know what would you like to see in them.

Also dont forget to choose colors and items you would like to see in the future kits I will be making.

Thank you for reading and responding.



Dark said...

I love Gothic kits and there are far too few of them
I also love kits are full of rich colors the darker reds and pruples and greens and golds
love papers and frames flowers and doodles
lol does that help I know pretty broad but well that is the best I can do right now
Thanks for the wonderful share so far

SisKat's Creations part 2 said...

I will see what I can do dark, about the gothic kit. I have a daughter thats gothic and I can get her to help out with it. thats if she aint too busy lol(teens are always too busy lol)

Joy said...

hi Kathy

i love circles, pinks, blues and flowers....can't wait to see your xmas kits i know they will be amazing......

ohhhh would love to try one of your goth kits.....